2017 Investment Outlook: Real Estate Remains Your Best Bet

Despite the uncertainty that comes with a new President and a possible rise in interest rates, real estate is still 2017’s safest and surest investment bet. Liberty Realty regional director Michael Berney says that when it comes to long-term investing, real estate always comes up a winner, as long as you buy smart and work out your numbers (Liberty Realty can surely help with this plan).

Mike says that short-term investing can often be a little trickier and unpredictable – it’s best to think long term, where your real estate investment will more than likely increase in value.

He adds that in 2016, property prices increased about 12-13% in Hoboken alone. And although sales traditionally cycle down a bit in December/January, he sees a steady increase in sales, along with prices rising, in March/April/May/June.

Expect a slight overall market slowdown after a feverishly awesome eight-year run, but – unless there is some unforeseen disaster in the economy – the opportunities are still everywhere you look (and in some hidden gems that Liberty brokers can show you). Also, money is still available to borrow.

Investments are ripe in both Hoboken and Jersey City; even though the two markets differ in terms of size and neighborhoods, Variety like this lends itself to every type of client request, from price to location to square footage.

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